Maximize Your Kitchen Counter Space: A Rack for Sink Buying Guide

on October 10, 2021

In the era of Marie Kondo-ing, maximizing your space and minimizing your clutter is essential.

We know that enhancing our personal space can do wonders for our mental health, our flexibility, and our sanity. Everyone dreams of the giant kitchens on our favorite cooking shows. But a humble space, when intentionally set, can have you emulating your dream space in no time.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect rack for sink, we’ve got you covered. The right over the kitchen sink shelf can transform the auxiliary nature of your cooking and cleaning. With a little mindfulness and clever tips, you’ll be amazed at the space yay over the sink drying rack can gift you.

Functionality is key, and we’re here to break down why in this kitchen sink rack buying guide.

The Psychology of Functional Design

rack for sink, over the kitchen sink shelf, sink drying rack

Home is where it all begins.

The late nights of laughing around the table, wine in hand. All while underestimating the power of your resident 5-year-olds baking cookies for Santa. There's nothing quite like it, and there's a reason we gather in the kitchen.

Whatever your family is up to, having the right space to accommodate your guests can change the whole experience. And there’s an entire science dedicated to the world of spatial functionality.

Beyond feng shui, spatial awareness and organization can help us process our environment and better utilize its functions. The interior design of your home is about more than breathtaking aesthetics. It's about designing a room to nourish you so you can provide the same for your family and friends.

Much of that nourishment comes from being able to move freely about your space with no congestion. And more so, maximizing its potential.

Living in a space with extra clutter is a lot for our brains to process. There’s a reason things feel so satisfying when they fit neatly inside of something else. Large spaces of clutter, commonly found in our kitchens, are linked to higher levels of cortisol; the most popular stress hormone.

So if you’re working on a huge Thanksgiving recipe and you’re struggling to deal with the number of dishes in the dishwasher, the sink, and randomly drying on the counter, getting a drying rack ahead of time can be a lifesaver.

A Lesson in Angles

This is the easiest time of year to procrastinate.

With to-do lists piling up throughout the holiday season, you tend to put off that which can wait until tomorrow. But when tomorrow is here, and you’re still navigating around your chaotic kitchen setup, you’ll have wished you pressed that "order now" button last night.

When you're ready to upgrade your kitchen with a rack for over sink, you'll want to check out angles that suit your kitchen's framework. Every house has its own unique architecture, and while a one-size-fits all sounds good in truth, really doing your research can make this a much easier process.

rack for sink, over the kitchen sink shelf, sink drying rack

The first true step in looking at drying racks for kitchen sinks is taking stock of your current inventory. Since there are multiple dimensions in each style of sink drying rack, taking measurements can help you narrow down which sizes complement your counter.

Make sure you notate height, width, and length to get an accurate snapshot of your countertop's needs. Keep an eye out for the material and set up you think would best compliment your adornments. From rugged industrial to clean and compact, you have options in your corner.

Anything too bulky defeats the purpose, and anything that underperforms is a waste of your time. Measure your countertop and sink space, the space you hope to utilize, and compare those dimensions with racks that catch your eye.

You'll be so glad you did when you don't have to ship your new rack back upon opening. And keep your design forward-thinking to accentuate the process of minimalizing your kitchen space.

All Hands In

rack for sink, over the kitchen sink shelf, sink drying rack

Washing the dishes is maybe the most remote part of anyone's favorite pastime. But like many things in the world of adulthood, it simply has to get done. In the 21st century, we've done an incredible job of making the agonizing parts of life a little less painful.

Dishwashers were born from this exact pain. And we've graduated to a housekeeping flow that keeps the old going out and the new coming in. To dry, of course.

Back in the day, even before dish racks were a thing, we can picture an old handtowel set out on someone's grandmother's kitchen counter. And it took approximately 10 years for each dish to dry with absolutely no access to oxygen, lying flat on a towel.

Let's talk counter space.

In the most minimal sense, your counter exists for you to put things on it. It's a giant, waist-high shelf where things sit and collect.

Some days it feels impossible to get everything you need to do in the kitchen done. There are always stragglers, stray dishes, random appliances, and utensils strewn about. And if you have kiddos, well, you can tack another hour's worth of work on top of that.

Utilizing height and stacking in a small area of your kitchen can grant you up to three times the space you are currently working with. Picture it: your nonna and the grandkids hand-rolling masa for fresh tamales on one side of the kitchen, while the adults enjoy a bourbon tasting on the island.

You know, where all of your random things used to live?

The island of your kitchen exists to eat, drink and be merry around. And while it's tempting to fill its surface with yesterday's mail and a colander you never use, the more ideal setup is a blank space with which to celebrate.

Capacity & Placement

Like the director on the set, placement and wherewithal is a crucial part of the picture.

When we're shopping for new kitchen appliances and utilities, sometimes we bite off more than we can chew. We think about how much stuff we have, and how much space we are working with. Oftentimes, those two pieces are like passing ships in the night.

Consider the number of dishes and utensils in your home.

rack for sink, over the kitchen sink shelf, sink drying rack

Yes, even the fancy stuff that only gets pulled out of the cabinet on special occasions. For some kitchens, if an over-the-sink stationary rack doesn't make ergonomic sense, you can dabble in a few different areas. We know, living in the future is awesome, and we sure are lucky to have options.

For smaller kitchens, a wire rack for kitchen sink might make the most sense. This is especially useful for folks who use lightweight dishware and utensils. And maybe your kitchen isn’t bustling with 30 people during the holidays and the summer, but having that functional space nonetheless unlocks other freedoms.

For kitchens with lots of surface space, but limited sink counter space, over the sink wall-mounted drying racks can serve your space well. There are at least a billion combinations of spatial designs and drying racks to meet those specifics.

So whether you decide on a roll up rack for over sink or a wall-mounted over the sink rack, you can’t go wrong. Like any other appliance or fitting in your home, it’s always about what serves your space logically. And when you pair logic with set and setting, well, you just might have yourself the holy grail of functional spaces.

Yes, Chef!

rack for sink, over the kitchen sink shelf, sink drying rack

When you look at a professional kitchen, you have a birds-eye view of an optimal space on a large scale. Stainless steel storage spaces are almost always vertical. With varying hooks and compartments, each station is set up to accommodate the tools that correspond with that area.

Drying racks for kitchen sinks can support more than just our dishes that are hanging up to dry.

The modern over the kitchen sink shelf is equipped with all sorts of gadgets for storage, hanging, and otherwise. And while we aren't Gordon Ramsay-ing our way around a 5-course meal, a clear canvas is empowering and telling.

Any good chef will show you the importance of a functional kitchen space. Make it make sense, and success will follow. If you've ever worked in the service industry, you've probably worked with a chef or kitchen staff who prides themselves on having clean, functional surfaces.

When you dial in your personal space at home, you'll start noticing things just falling into place better.

A gift to yourself is the redesign of the stress in your life. And we all know food is love, so when you find your way to prepping those delicious vegetables and simmering spices, don't ignore the intention set up by the past version of you.

One of the best parts about having a big kitchen is getting the family together for shared meals and celebrations. Everyone (even the tiny humans) can chip in and do their part, and thanks to your new drying rack, you have enough space to pull it off.

Teaching our family members the traditions of family recipes isn't the same without a big mess. And we can only create that mess and those memories with enough surface area to go around.

Big Facts

So we have the process of finding the right rack down. But what about its application?

The best way to introduce this space-saving hack into your daily living is by visualizing what items it will hold. When you're looking at a potential winning dish drainer rack for your sink, you need to envision your counter produce, cleaning supplies, and cookware as a whole.

Are you the type of person who has 5 bananas and 5 apples every week? You can search for a sink drying rack that has those extra compartments for safekeeping. This also keeps fruit fly-prone areas central to one location.

rack for sink, over the kitchen sink shelf, sink drying rack

Optimization doesn't just end at your sink and dishwashing space. In fact, most people are blown away when it becomes a theme throughout their house. The simple process of applying a minimalist, dedicated area to keep one room in your home organized is contagious.

When you set up one area as calm and collected as possible, that feeling sneaks into the way you go about the rest of your home. And if you're lucky, the rest of your life.

When we’re oriented to a space we feel comfortable in it. And when we get to know a new space, we can gauge how well it was designed by how frustrated we become when attempting to move around it.

So when you're chopping up those apples and swaying to that favorite song, remember who set you up for such a stress-free environment (it's you, you did that). And over the kitchen sink shelf can clear of counter space, creating far more room for cooking endeavors, homework, and hang sessions.

Best Rack for Your Sink

rack for sink, over the kitchen sink shelf, sink drying rack

By now, you're probably ready to find the perfect dish rack for your sink.

You know exactly which one you're going to pick. The kitchen is the place where the tenderest moments in life unfurl. A toast to an old friend, an announcement of a family addition.

What we share in the kitchen has been sacred to our species since the beginning of dwellings to cook in. Why not make it a space that conveys that important piece of our stories?

If you're curious about our selection of drying racks, connect with us on our website today.

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