How Can One Maintain a Very Small Kitchen Beautifully?

on October 08, 2021

Small kitchens are cute and quaint, but if we're honest can have a tendency to look crowded, cluttered, and messy. So, how do you achieve the balance that comes from having an organized and put-together kitchen when you have limited space?

You can utilize the following tips to maximize your tiny kitchen's ability to be functional through a planned-out organization. Adding a bit of intentionally useful yet decorative pieces of furniture never hurt either. So, keep reading to find out how a dish drying mat, plate rack, and more can help provide more cooking space while maintaining a warm environment in your kitchen.

dish drying mat, plate rack, raining boards, modern dish rack

Kitchen Organizational Hacks

In a tiny kitchen, you need to utilize every square inch of the place you have. You can start by using and organizing the space on top of your kitchen cabinets. You can use this area to line up cereal boxes. Otherwise, you can buy some baskets or bins to store any items that you might not use so often.

A ceiling rack for pots and pans can greatly improve the amount of storage space you have. Instead of storing these items in your cupboards, you can free up that space for other kitchen necessities. Plus, ceiling racks can be fashionable and look high-end.

If you don't have many cabinets, you can apply S hooks to the tops of the cabinets to hold things like coffee mugs while leaving room to have more things put away.

Wire baskets, built-in shelves, and window sills can be used creatively to store produce, cookbooks, and even spices. A modern dish rack can double as a fruit holder when not drying dishes.

A rolling, standing island is beneficial, so you have more counter and storage area. These are also great because they can function as a table if you accompany them with stools. They can also be moved around, out of the way, when needed.

Improve the Layout

Improving the layout of your kitchen can help in its functionality. If your kitchen is both small and awkwardly laid out, it's probably hard to maintain a useful atmosphere in the kitchen. You may tend to order delivery more and miss out on the energy that a lived-in kitchen adds to a home.

There are a few things to consider before diving right into a renovation project. Are you renting, or do you own your home? If you rent, you will probably have to get approval before you make serious changes to the property. If you own, you'll have to consider your budget and how much you want to invest in upgrading your kitchen.

dish drying mat, plate rack, raining boards, modern dish rack

dish drying mat, plate rack, raining boards, modern dish rack

Donating Stuff

Another easy way to keep your kitchen organized is to take inventory of your kitchen items and donate whatever you don't want or need. It can be a big project, but freeing up extra space in the home by donating things that no longer bring you joy can be a stress-relieving process.

To make this process easier, fully commit. Take out everything in the cabinets, nooks, and crannies of your kitchen. While you have everything laid out, start going through items and making the following piles.

  • Keep
  • Trash
  • Donate

Simplifying things this way helps you make decisions easier. A good rule of thumb to go by is if you have not used an item within the past six months to a year, it's probably time to get rid of it. Items that are in poor condition may be thrown away, while items still in good condition can be utilized in many donation centers such as your local soup kitchen or nonprofit organization.

Once you start all over, you can make adjustments as to how you're currently organizing things. Once you've gone through everything, clean your kitchen so that you have a blank slate to start with.

Divide and Conquer

After decluttering, you can begin to categorize items based on how you want them organized in your kitchen. Here are some tips for keeping like items with like items in a convenient manner.

Cutlery, mugs, bowls, and plates are most accessible near the dishwasher. This makes putting them away after doing the dishes easier.

Pots, pans, oven mitts, baking sheets, wax paper, are all good to have nearby the oven. You can easily reach them while cooking or baking. Heavier pots are best kept in lower cabinets. However, installing a ceiling rack in the middle of your kitchen or above your stove also helps keep these types of objects near to reach.

If you have cabinets or cupboards high up, store items you do not use on a daily basis here. Serving trays, holiday-themed dishes, and fancy glassware are examples of what might be stored here.

If you're limited on counter space, consider which smaller appliances you need out. Toasters and blenders might be used every day and want to be kept out on the counter. However, toaster ovens or bulkier appliances that are not utilized daily can be put away to free up space. If you have decorative appliances, such as a nice standing mixer, it can bring a sense of elegance and color to your kitchen.

Fridge Storage and Glass Containers

Have you ever heard that the status of your fridge is a reflection of your inner state? It tends to hold some truth to it. The more organized and cleanly your fridge is, the more put together your life is. On the other hand, the more spoiled food, messy, and disorganized your fridge is, the busier and more chaotic your life most likely is.

dish drying mat, plate rack, raining boards, modern dish rack

Organizing your fridge can make a big impact on your kitchen's functionality. To start, go through everything that's in it. It even helps to take everything out and scrub down the surfaces so that it's fresh and clean.

Next, you can organize it by type of food. For example, sauces and condiments can go on one shelf in your inner door. Fresh produce may go in the crisper separated by fruits and vegetables. Foods you eat all the time should be in the front for easy access.

Shelf and drawer liners are also useful because they help keep things neat and make them easier to clean.

The Benefits of a Dish Drying Mat, Plate Rack, Draining Boards, and Modern Dish Rack Setup

If you don't have a dishwasher, it can be a challenge to feel like your kitchen is clean if you don't have a quality setup to wash and dry your dishes. If you invest in a quality dish drying mat, plate rack, and draining boards, you can make a nook near your sink organized and ready to store clean dishes.

There are dish racks that go behind and above your sink, so you don't even have to take up any counter space to dry your dishes. These look elegant and can even be used for storing fresh produce when you don't have any dishes out.

Adjustable racks also provide flexibility in your kitchen to organize things based on your current needs. It's important to have a good dish drying setup so that your area remains clean and tidy.

dish drying mat, plate rack, raining boards, modern dish rack

Decor Ideas: Using Plants

Plants always brighten and liven up any small space. They can turn a dreary, cramped room into something full of energy and color. Placing hanging plants from the ceiling, vine plants across the wall or a large plant on top of your fridge are all easy ways to have a happier kitchen.

dish drying mat, plate rack, raining boards, modern dish rack

Fabric Skirt

Fabric skirts can be used to cover storage space that doesn't have any cabinets or doors covering it. Let's face it, not every item you own looks great on display. Small trashcans and cleaning supplies can go covert by hiding them with a fabric skirt.

You can also have fun picking out unique and funky fabric skirt patterns. A pop of color or texture from a fabric skirt can make your kitchen look more creative and inviting.

dish drying mat, plate rack, raining boards, modern dish rack


Rugs get overlooked in a kitchen, but they have the ability to make a room feel bigger. Rugs don't have to overwhelm or overpower the room. You can get creative by using a few small rugs in front of your sink and fridge or by using one large rug to cover the entire floor space.

The added texture and color may give off a bohemian style that embraces the smallness of the kitchen. Going with the flow and not being too careful by using rugs in your kitchen could end up making you fall in love with your kitchen.

Glass Doors and Windows

Glass, whether it be doors or windows, makes a space feel bigger by opening it up to the outside world. If you opt-out your current kitchen door for a tall, glass door, it will create the illusion of having a bigger room than you do. Having this glass eliminates some of the claustrophobia felt by a small kitchen.

Glass, whether it be doors or windows, makes a space feel bigger by opening it up to the outside world. If you opt-out your current kitchen door for a tall, glass door, it will create the illusion of having a bigger room than you do. Having this glass eliminates some of the claustrophobia felt by a small kitchen.

Even if your kitchen is dark and cozy, the glass elements bring a sense of brightness to an otherwise darker area.

Repurposing Furniture

Even if you have added more shelving on the walls, S-hooks, and a ceiling rack, you may still need more storage space. You can repurpose old furniture to use for storage. Armoires, dressers, and apothecary cabinets can fit into small spaces.

They can hold your spices, groceries, towels, and more. Don't hesitate to use old furniture for this purpose as it brings a level of antiquity and usefulness to your kitchen.

Pull-Out Pantry

Many smaller kitchens don't even have the luxury of having a pantry to store all of your groceries, dry goods, and cleaning products. However, many small kitchens probably have a small space between the wall and the side of the fridge. If you have an awkward space such as this that isn't being used, consider adding a pull-out pantry.

The door to the pantry can be painted a nice green or yellow, or you can even use chalkboard paint to cover it up. Anything unsightly like extra trash bags works well in these pull-out pantries.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors give off the illusion of a bigger space. They open up the room by reflecting its ambiance and accentuating the current room. You don't have to install huge mirrors to have this effect.

Small, circular mirrors can easily have this effect without taking up too much wall space. A tiny kitchen is immediately enlarged by adding mirrors.

Create Flow

Having a sense of flow to the space will make things feel more natural and less cramped. Utilize feng shui to influence the energy in the room. You can do this by having a color scheme or by using natural materials in the kitchen.

Things like wood and clay have a way of bringing an earth element to the kitchen. This natural ambiance creates an energy that encourages movement throughout the room.

Incorporating space savers like a hanging plate rack helps with kitchen organization, but also with allowing an open flow to the room.

Blend Your Kitchen In

If your kitchen is exposed to the rest of the house, blending it in with the surrounding rooms can make the transition into the kitchen more seamless. This can be done by using a similar color scheme to the rest of your house.

Silver fridges, white cabinets, and marble countertops are sleek, elegant and will not outshine your nearby dining or living room.

Use These Tips to Transform Your Kitchen

Something as simple as adding a dish drying mat and modern dish rack may not seem to do much, but give it a chance. You'll be surprised at how much these small organizational and decor tips can change your kitchen space.

To get started making a difference in your small kitchen, get a Pusdon dish rack here to save counter space and begin your journey to a more useful kitchen.

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