The Best Dish Drainers for Every Kitchen

on October 17, 2021

The Best Dish Drainers for Every Kitchen

We all dread washing dishes and try to avoid doing it as much as we can. However, it's a part of our life, whether we get takeaways or cook at home. Drying dishes after washing is another struggle if you don't have a proper dish drainer. Whether you wash dishes by hand or own a dishwasher, air drying a big pile of dishes is burdensome. That's why you must have a space-efficient dish drainer or rack in your kitchen.

Benefits of Buying a Dish Drainer

Various individuals wonder why to have a dish drainer when you can just put your dishes on the counter and air dry them. If you are one of them, you really need to look at the benefits of having a dish drainer and understand why is it such an important tool for the kitchen.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

1. Provides an Order to Your Kitchen

Do you like mess and inorganization in your kitchen? Nobody does. It doesn't only make the daily kitchen chores stressful but also isn't pleasing to the eyes. That's where a dish drainer comes to your assistance. It allows you to place your utensils, knives, dishes, etc., on it properly and make your kitchen look organized and managed.

2. Offers More Space

Once you have a dish drying rack or drainer, you can place all your dishes and utensils on it, allowing you to get extra space on the counter. This will give you more prep space.

3. Fast Drying

One of the major benefits of owning a dish drainer is that you get fast and excellently drying results compared to just placing them on the counter for drying. This is because the dishes are placed in an upright position on the rack, which allows them to dry completely faster. The drainer or rack also helps keep the quality of dishes intact and saves them from getting scratched or damaged.

4. No Mess

The mess created by the water drained from the washed dishes or any other utensil is the worst. Water can also ruin the counter or rust the metallic objects in your kitchen. The over-the-sink drainer makes the water drain in the sink, while many dish drainers have a drainboard.

5.Provides Storage

Although you can place your dishes and utensils in the cabinet, it becomes difficult to grab something any time you want with a dish drying rack. A dish drainer acts as a great tool for storing your dishes, so you can pick one whenever you want.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

Types of Dish Drainers

The world has progressed a lot, and we have come up with multiple types of dish drainers, each providing something different and useful according to its design and functionality. The drainers can be one, two, or three-tier and have a dish towel holder, etc. There are some main categories of dish drainers that are used most commonly.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

Over-the-Sink Dish Drainer

As the name suggests, this drainer or rack is placed above the sink. You can choose it according to the sink size. It is set behind your sink and functions in a manner that water drips in the sink. You need to ensure that your sink has enough space behind it to place an over-the-sink drainer.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

Countertop Dish Drainer

It is a very common dish drainer that you can place beside your sink. Most countertop dish racks have a drainboard with a channel to draw water directly to the sink. It is extremely practical to buy it if you have extra space beside your sink.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

In-Sink Dish Drainer

This kind of drainer suits best if you have a double bowl sink. It is a mat kind of dish drainer which fits well in the small bowl of the sink. Wire handles are attached, which sit on the sink's lips. Water is drained directly into the sink. One disadvantage for this rack is that it's not convenient to lift it when you require the whole sink while the dishes are placed on it. Furthermore, it provides very little space for drying, so if you have a lot of dishes, this wouldn't be feasible for you.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

How Do I Choose the Best Dish Drainer?

Now that you have understood the benefits of having a dish drainer in your kitchen, it's time you learn how to choose the best one. Remember, the choice you make may vary from one household to another depending upon the particular needs and kitchen structure. Some things that you should consider while deciding on a dish drainer are elaborated below.


It is something you should never compromise on. If the material is not good or isn't according to your requirements, you might end up at a loss. So, you must enlighten yourself regarding various materials to find a dish draining rack and help yourself make a better decision.

The most common materials in which you may find a dish rack area steel, plastic, or a mix of both.

Stainless Steel

Most of the dish drying racks are available in stainless steel. The advantages of a rack made from stainless steel are durability and resistance from rust (in most cases). Nonetheless, a rack can still become rusty if exposed to humidity and dampness for a long period. Thus, it is recommended that you always wipe down the rack after your dishes are dried. Premium quality dish racks utilize "304 stainless steel" in their making, which consists of both chromium and nickel. Due to the presence of these metals, the resistance power of the rack against rust is boosted.


Mostly, the dish drainers are not solely made from plastic; instead, plastic is added to the rack as a spoon, knife, or other similar holders. Some racks are entirely made from plastic also. They have the advantage of being lightweight; however, they aren't as sturdy and durable as the dish drainers made from stainless steel are.


Vinyl-coated dish drainers are an alternative to dish drainers composed of stainless steel. It has the major advantage of saving utensils and dishes from scratches along with being simple to clean and rustproof. In addition, they are lower in price as compared to stainless steel racks.


Another most significant factor to consider while choosing a dish drainer is its size. If you choose a rack that will be placed on top of your sink, it's quite important to check your sink size.

The three major sizes in which most drainers come are.

Compact Dish Drainers

They are excellent for apartments having kitchens with small countertops. When you decide to buy a compact countertop rack, a space of a foot or more will be covered by it beside your sink.

Classic Dish Drainers

They go well with the medium-sized kitchens, which have enough space beside their sink. They come in various size ranges. It would be necessary to take proper measurements of your countertop space before buying.

High-Capacity Dish Drainers

High-capacity racks have extra attachments with them, such as expandable trays for providing more space to dry your dishes and utensils. The behind-the-sink dish drainers are larger than other ones. These racks or drainers have both horizontal and vertical shelving to store and stack more utensils and dishes.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

Drainage Capability

The drainage capability of a dish drainer varies according to its type. Most of the countertop dish drainers come with drainage boards that are made of stainless steel. Some of the dish racks have a side-drainage path that allows the drained water to go directly into the sink. Some of the dish racks have a drain hole, which you can open or close as per your requirement. A wire is used to design in-sink racks, so water goes directly into the kitchen sink. The behind-the-sink drainers mostly don't contain any drainage board; thus, you need to be careful of the water draining into the sink.


Of course, price is one critical aspect to take care of while buying a dish drainer. Note that dish drainers are something which is used daily and need to be of excellent quality. Don't invest in a cheap dish drainer or rack to save some bucks. Low-quality drainers are inexpensive but don't last long, and you will end up spending more to replace them. Choose dish drainers made with high-quality material, and don't hesitate to pay a little extra if you are getting the best quality. It will be a good investment, and your product will last longer.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer


Are you following a theme in your kitchen? If you are going for a rustic and industrial theme, a black dish rack is a good choice. Black color will ensure that the dish rack is the focal point in your kitchen. However, if you want to go for a bohemian or farmhouse theme, choose a white dish rack. Both of these colors are timeless and will likely never go out of fashion. The most common colors available in the market are white and black sink drainers and they are also the most in-demand.


Yes, you need to consider how difficult or easy it is to manage a dish drainer. Don't just buy because you like a particular design or it fits your budget. It is best to choose a rack that is easier to clean, such as a stainless-steel rack. You can clean it with a simple piece of cloth soaked in a solution made of water and vinegar. If it requires deep cleaning, gentle scrubbing with baking soda will do the job.

It is recommended that you don't leave the rack cleaning for a long period of time no matter what the material is because, in this way, it can get extremely dirty and it would become difficult for you to clean.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

Additional Features

Additional features include a magnetic board to attach knives or other metallic items, dish towel holder, attached cup holders, microfiber mat, drainboards, etc. You need to choose by considering what additional features you require in your dish drainers. Most of the dish drying racks need some installation, while some don't. Research thoroughly and find which dish drying rack will meet all your needs.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

Why Do Some People Hate Washing Dishes?

Dishwashing is a task you need to perform daily but it also requires a lot of energy and commitment. Just loading the dishes in the dishwasher can be tiresome if you have had a long day at work. In an ideal setting, your sink will be placed infront of the window, and you will enjoy nature as you wash your dishes. But if you live in an apartment, that illusion will soon be shattered. Washing dishes is a boring task and that's the main reason for people's hatred.

How Can You Make Dishwashing Easy?

No matter how much you dwell on it, dishwashing is something which you have to do sooner or later. Once the pile gets high, it's time you can't delay it anymore. So, why not learn some tips that will make this task easier for you.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

Scrape Off Food Particles

Food particles remaining on the plates or other utensils are very annoying and gross. Remove them with the help of a spoon, spatula, or by your hands.

Sort Out Your Dishes into Piles

Sort your dishes into piles such as plates stacked over each other, bowls, silverware, other utensils stacked separately. It will help you for the next step. When your dishes are arranged, they will look less cluttered and won't give you anxiety.

PlaceDishes into the Sink

Now that dishes are sorted and stacked, it's time to place them in the sink, one pile over the other. The largest plates will go in first, then followed by bowls and utensils. Leave the mugs and cups in a tray on the counter. Once the sink is clear of the plates, then add these in.

Soak All the Dishes

Open the hot water tap, fill the sink to the top and add your dishwasher soap. Let your dishes remained soaked in the hot soapy water for at least 10 mins while you relax.

Wash Your Dishes

Now, it's time to wash the dishes. You can use a dishwashing sponge, dishcloth, or a dishwashing brush as per your need. You will wash them in the reverse order of how you placed them. Start with the utensils and the plates at the end.

The hot soapy water soaking will loosen all the grease and gunk. Most of the plates will already be clean of any food residue; sponge them and then hold them under water to wash away the soap.

Replace Water Proactively

Once the dishes are done, drain the water. In freshwater, now soak the mugs and cups you left on the countertop. Repeat the same process.

dish towel holder,black dish rack,black sink drainer

Rinse Your Dishes

If you've two sinks, that's best. You can fill the other sink with fresh, hot water and rinse your dishes in it. However, you can still achieve excellent cleaning conveniently without having any other sink. Just open the tap and wash all dishes under running water.

It's best to air-dry your dishes, so buying a black dish rack is highly useful. There are various kinds of dish racks available, and you can choose one according to your preference. If you live alone, buy a smaller rack since you will not have a lot of dishes to wash.

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