The Best Stainless Steel Dish Drainer For Every Kitchen

on September 29, 2021


Stainless Steel Dish Drainers

Giving an organized look to your kitchen space not only uplifts its appearance but makes cooking enjoyable too. Dish racks are a necessity in any kitchen; they give most kitchens that organized look. If you want to learn more about stainless steel dish drainers, the following discussion is for you.

Importance of Dish Drainers

As the name suggests, dish drainers are used to dry your washed crockery. Dish drainers come in all sizes and styles, and their usability depends on your kitchen size, requirement, and budget. Following are some points that might make you realize the importance of a dish drainer.

1. Organized Space:

You can use dish drainers to dry your dishes or use them to place the dishes. Either way, your kitchen will look organized and spacious. There won’t be any wet dishes lying around in the kitchen; from plates to spoons, everything will be organized. Dish drainers also come in tier style;these provide space for all types of crockery and cutlery items.

2. Breakage:

Ask anyone who has washed dishes or worked in a kitchen, and they’ll answer the same, most crockery items break during washing. If you don’t have a dry rack near the kitchen sink, you’ll be pilling dishes over one another, increasing the chances of breakage. When a dish drainer is installed near the kitchen sink, the dishes will be neatly placed in the rack, reducing any chance of a mishap.

3. Hygiene:

Kitchens that are dry and properly organized are hygienic and safe to work in. If all the drainage takes place in one place, then it's easier to clean up. But if the dishes are just piled up and are soaking wet, not only your kitchen counter is going to be wet, but the floor would be slippery too. Wet places are ideal for bacteria and other parasites to grow;since food is cooked in the kitchen, a dry and clean place will reduce the chances of disease.

4. Space Savers:

Dish drainers are a great way to save space if you have a small kitchen. Even in the bigger ones, they de-clutter the kitchen counter and make more room for you to cook. Kitchens need to give off a warm and organized vibe;installing dish drainer racks near your sink will get you that.

Drying Rack vs. Dish Washers

This is a common debate when deciding on what suits best for your kitchen. Both have their merits and demerits, depending on what the user is looking for and what is practically viable.

1. Spacing:

While both take-up space in your kitchen, dishwashers usually require a lot more. You have to dedicate a cupboard-sized space to install a dishwasher. At the same time, dish drainer racks can be hung near the kitchen sink or any other suitable place in the kitchen. Dish dryers require planning and effort to install; otherwise, they don’t fulfill their purpose. The dish drainer needs four screws and a hammer to install on a kitchen counter.

2. Maintenance:

This is the major difference between a dish drainer rack and a dishwasher. Dishwashers are electrical equipment, and like all electrical devices, they need proper maintenance to ensure a long life. On the other hand, dish drainers can be cleaned and maintained easily. They don't require elaborate maintenance, rather just a hand towel and a cleaning agent.

3. Cost:

A dishwasheris expensive as compared to a stainless steel dish drainer.Dishwashers are a luxury item and a necessity in a big kitchen. On the other hand, dish dryers cost a fraction of what a dishwasher does and are practical in all kitchens. So, if you are low on cash, don’t put more strain on your pockets and opt for a stainless steel dish drying rack.

Another factor to consider when choosing between a dishwasher and a dish dryer is the running cost. Since the dishwasher runs on electricity and requires periodic maintenance, the running cost will put a dent in your pockets.On the other hand, dish dryersneed regular cleaning with a soft cloth for maintenance.


Why Choose Stainless Steel Drainers?

A stainless dish rack is viable not only economically but aesthetically as well. They look good near your sink counter when installed and used properly. If you are still not sold on why stainless dish racks look good in your kitchen, then perhaps the following will convince you;

1. Feasibility:

Buying and installing a stainless steel dish rack over the sink doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. The whole setup is economical and can be installed without any expert help. Even the heavier and tiered ones don’t cost much and are easy to install. You can install more than two of these racks on your kitchen counter, and even then, the cost will not be burdening.


2. Aesthetics:

A stainless dish rack improves and enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen. It gives a nice and an organized look to your kitchen. Especially a stainless steel plate rack wall mounted can accommodate your plates, cutlery, and other crockery items; they can be dried and nicely racked, making the kitchen space enjoyable to work in.


3. Low Maintenance:

A clean towel and a cleaning agent, that’s it. It’s all you need to keep the dish rack clean and shiny. Unlike dishwashers that require proper cleaning and maintenance, these racks are easy to clean. Since they are made of stainless steel, rusting is not an issue. Stainless steel items have a long life and need cleaning once a day to maintain their long life.


4. Durability:

Stainless steel products are known for their long life and durability. It is common knowledge that rust is the enemy of steel, but stainless steel never rusts. This is the reason why stainless steel dish dryers are not only durable but also don’t rot easily.


5. Design options:

Stainless steel dryers come in multiple designs and shapes. It all depends on what catches your eye and the requirement of your kitchen. You can buy a tiered one that hangs over the sink counter, or you can buy a single rack that doesn’t require hanging. Either way, there are no bad choices when it comes to buying a stainless steel dish dryer.


Features to look in a Stainless Steel Dryer

Have a look at the following features when buying dish dryers.

1. Usability

Three types of dish dryers can be installed in your kitchen:

1. Countertop Dish Rack: This is the simplest type of dish dryer rack. You can place it on a counter near your sink; they don’t need to be installed. They can be picked and moved around easily.

2.Behind the Sink Rack: Stainless steel over the sink dish rackneeds space behind the kitchen sink for installation. You’ll need at least a foot of space behind the sink to install it.

3. In-sink Dish racks: A rack can be hung in the spare one if your kitchen has a double sink. The only drawback to this rack is its small size. You’ll have to manage your dishes to rack them in this stainless dish drying rack properly.

Countertop and Behind the sink racks have tray below for drainage. In-sink doesn’t need one since it's already installed in a sink.

2. Size

When it comes to sizing, dish drying racks come in three sizes.

1. Compact: They mainly come in 12" x 19" x 5" size and are ideal for small kitchens in studio apartments or small houses.

2. Classic Racks: These are the most commonly used racks and are best for mid-sized kitchens and counters. They come in sizes between 12” x 19” x 5” and 18” x 12” x 13”

3. High-capacity Racks: These are heavy-duty racks equipped with extra compartments, trays, and tiers. They can be anywhere between 18” x 12” x 13” to 36” x 12” x 31”.

Please choose a size that compliments your kitchen counter and doesn’t make it congested.

3. Material

The material used in a dish drying rack is what makes it pricy. Dish drying racks come in the following materials:

1. Stainless Steel: A standard stainless dish drying rackis known for its durability and rust resisting qualities. However, if not cleaned or dried properly, over time, it will begin to rus.

2. Vinyl-Coated Wire: These are a good alternative to stainless steel ones. The dishes are not scratched or damaged because of the vinyl coating. They don't rust, are easy to clean, and are also cheaper than stainless steel dryers.

3. Plastic: Drying racks don’t come in plastic but can have plastic material as an accessory. Knife and spoon holders, cup and plate holders are the only purposes plastic is used in dryers. Plastic is easy to clean and doesn’t rust.

4. Bamboo: They not only increase the look of your kitchen counter but are also easy to maintain. Just use food-grade oil to clean it once in a while. They are lightweight, durable, and also have anti-microbial properties.

Benefits of using a Stainless steel Dryer

There are several benefits that a stainless steel dryer can give to your kitchen. Following are some of them:

1. Dry Space: The main purpose of a dish dryer is to dry the dishes and keep the kitchen counter dry. Except for in-sink dryer racks, all else comes with a tray fitted at the bottom. Once the dishes are dry, de-attach the tray, drain the water and fix it again. There is no spillage on your kitchen counter when you use a stainless steel dryer rack.

2. Minimum Effort: Stainless steel dry racks are easy to handle and maintain. It can be installed easily by a single person; it can be moved and re-installed without much effort. They are easy to clean and don't require specialized care. Just clean them once a day, and it will increase the life of a dish drying rack.

3. Hygienic: The whole purpose of a dish drying rack is to make the kitchen more hygienic. The smooth surface of the rack also ensures there are minimum microbes on it. Bamboo dish dryers are especially known for their anti-microbial properties. So, apart from making your kitchen organized, these dish drying racks are a great way to keep those nasty microbes and bacteria away from it.

4. Long-Life: Since dish dryers are mostly made of stainless steel, there are low chances of rust. Stainless steel can get rusty if not cleaned or dried properly after heavy use. So, remember to clean and dry your dish dryers once a day to maintain their long life.

5. Environmental Properties: Stainless steel items are unique products that don't affect the environment as other steel products might. Firstly, most of the stainless steel is prepared from recycled stainless steel.Nearly 60% of the stainless steel used in a new product is recycled. Secondly, stainless steel items that complete their life cycle are sent for recycling. So, basically, without knowing, you are playing your part in keeping the environment clean.

6. Economical: Dish dryers are economical and don’t cost much. Add in low maintenance costs, and it's easy to see why so many prefer a dish drying rack over a dishwasher. They can be easily installed and moved without any professional help.

How to ensure a long life for a stainless steel drainer?

Following are some of the tips that can ensure your dish drainer has a long life

1. Keep it dry: Although stainless steel is resistant to rust, but not keeping it dry might result in rusting. After the dishes are dried, empty the bottom tray, dry it and then fix it back. Similarly, run a dry towel over the rack to remove water and keep it dry.

2. Waxing: Stainless steel dryers can lose their shine over time, giving your kitchen a dried look. Use a car wax often to ensure the rack remains shiny. Use it once a month after the original shine wears off.

3. Don’t overcrowd: Always install a dry rack according to your usage. Overcrowding or exploiting its size might result in the breakage of cooking utensils and also the rack. Keep it to a minimum, and always strain the rack according to its size capabilities.

4. Proper Installation: The racks need to be installed properly to ensure they don't fall or break. Over the sink, a rack should be installed behind the sink and not anyplace else. Similarly, an in-sink dryer should be installed in a sink; otherwise, its purpose would be lost.

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